Trademarks are assigned through the Registrar of Companies, The Commercial Registry the Government of Anguilla. A trademark is valid for 10 years and may be renewed for further periods of 10 years each. In addition to local registration, you may also apply for a registration based on a UK trade mark. Applications can be at any time during the life of the UK trade mark and will expire with UK trade mark.

Trade and service marks can be registered in Anguilla under the Nice Classification system. No prior use is necessary but non-use for five years following registration will subject the mark to an action for cancellation. International priority is available. The registration term on local registrations is 10 years and renewable for like periods; the term of trademarks registered as UK extensions is coterminous with the underlying UK registration.

The Trademarks Act provides for local trademark applications with registration dating from receipt of application. The Registration of UK Trade Marks Act provides for applications to extend rights under a UK registration to Anguilla with effect from the date of registration in the UK, but an action in Anguilla for infringement of a UK-based registration can only complain of infringement occurring after the date of registration in Anguilla.

Renewal of a United Kingdom Trademark

A late fee of US$90.00 is required if the trademark is not paid on or before the due date. If an Agent has a Power of Attorney on file then there is no need to file another (providing it is the Power as stipulated in the Act). A power has to be filed with all applications filed at the registry whether renewals, assignments etc... If there is a change of agent then the new Agent must supply a new Power.