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Welcome to Anguilla OnlineWhat does ACORN do?
ACORN went live on 16 November 1998. The system allows a user to submit electronically all of the documents that currently require physical filings with the Anguilla Companies Registry. Registered users are provided with secure digital encrypted access to the system supplemented by individual user password controls.

The ACORN menu allows a user to choose one or more of the following functions:
*Name Search
*Name Reservation

This enables a user to:
*Establish user password control.
*View all fees.
*Do full company searches.
*Review announcements.
*View the legislation relevant to a document being submitted or to an activity being undertaken.
*Obtain help with respect to any function of the system at any time.
*Retain incomplete documents in a separate pending file.

Search Name
This can be done alphabetically, phonetically or on a key-word basis.
This system gives immediate confirmation as to whether a name is free, not free or reserved.
Name Reservation
A free name may be reserved for 10 days without charge or for a longer period upon payment of the reservation fee. The system allows multiple searches and reservation (initially up to 20 names) and the names of companies and their articles can also
be incorporated in foreign languages.

Incorporation online has been made as straightforward as possible:

* A user must select one of the types of available company or partnership.
* The system will then take the user through the incorporation process with information being typed directly into the system.
* Standard sets of articles of incorporation can be pre-established in the system for use of incorporations.
Once completed, the screen will provide the user with the registration document for checking and final submission.
On submission, the certificate of incorporation appears immediately on screen and can be printed out.
The whole registration process is simplicity itself.
For each of the corporate vehicles and limited partnerships, a sub-menu is available which lists all documents and registry activities, which the relevant legislation either permits or requires the company or partnership to file. In each case, the system takes the user through each process with a help button and a legislation reference button which is available at all times.

What are the advantages of ACORN?
* Modern approach to registering companies.
* Is an easy to use interactive system.
* Provides checks and guidance for the user at crucial stages of the input process.
* Responds instantaneously allowing incorporation and submission of documents to be filed electronically from anywhere 24-hours a day.
* Provides a seamless way of incorporating companies within an international financial centre.
* Provides a seamless way of incorporating companies within an international
financial centre.
* Makes the administration of Anguillan companies fast, cost effective and simple.
* Provides an instantaneous company name search facility and immediate name reservation ability, which does away with the cost of maintaining shelf companies.
* Permits the incorporation of names and filing of articles in languages and script other than English.
* Has the regulatory controls in place to ensure that users are fit and proper.

Other Attributes
* Allows the user agent to monitor and to review all activity or individual activities for any chosen period.
* Provides
a full accounting system for both the user agent and the registry.
* Provides a full administrative system for the registry for both monitoring activity and assisting user agents in their usage of the system.


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